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Valentine Week List 2019 | 7 to 14 February Special Days, Dates, Schedule

Yes we are getting one step closer to Happy Valentine’s day 2019! Valentine day is celebrated to cherish each and every special moment of our amazing memories. It is the day to celebrate the warm memories of love of two unknown person who later became one soul. Valentine’s Day is just as excuse to shower some extra love and to more extra romantic to the one person without whom you can’t imagine your life whether she or he may be your Mother or father as we know that our mom and dad are always our first love. Valentine’s Day is just another day for true lovers who spend each day loving their lovers even more than the day before. But this valentine day is celebrated to overwhelmed the love between two souls who may have journeyed from the toughest days of their life or to them who are newly in love with each other or for them who are true soul mates but can’t get together in this life, Valentine’s day is a reason for everyone who are in love and has taste the sweetest of love and want to celebrate the life with their special one.

If we talk about the 14th of February Valentine’s day, there are total special 7 days for lovers in the month of February aka week of love also known as Valentine’s love week and February special days which usually starts with Rose Day followed by Propose Day then Chocolate Day then Teddy Day then followed by Promise Day then Hug Day and last but not least Kiss Day and the last main day comes Valentine’s Day. To all those people who don’t know these 7 days of valentine week schedule, For them we have made a easy date sheet of Valentine’s week Days in right order.


Valentine Week List 2019 Days Happy Valentines Day Dates

Valentine’s Week Days Date 2019 7 Days of Valentine Week
7th Feb 2019 (Thursday) 🌹 Rose Day (1st Day of Valentine)
8th Feb 2019 (Friday) 💘 Propose Day (2nd Day of Valentine)
9th Feb 2019 (Saturday) 🍫 Chocolate Day (3rd Day of Valentine)
10th Feb 2019 (Sunday) 🐻  Teddy Day (4th Day of Valentine)
11th Feb 2019 (Monday) 💌 Promise Day (5th Day of Valentine)
12th Feb 2019 (Tuesday) 💑 Hug Day (6th Day of Valentine)
13th Feb 2019 (Wednesday) 💋 Kiss Day (7th Day of Valentine)
14th Feb 2019 (Thursday) 💕 Valentine’s Day (V-day)

The Valentine’s week list & their date sheet have their own importance. Let us exaggerate the truth behind these entire Valentine days week list and why do we celebrate this 7 days of valentine.

7 Days of Valentine & What We Do On This Days

Rose Day 2019: the reason why all the couples whether they are husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, is that it marks the beginning of Valentine’s week on 7 February. A beautiful rose is given to express the feeling of love towards one another. As red is known as the symbol of love, so let’s start the week with expressing love.

Propose Day 2019: It is the second day of Valentine’s week and this day is celebrated on 8 February as the next step. On this day the boyfriends or husbands proposes to their special girlfriend or wife with their own unique & creative style.

Chocolate Day 2019: then comes the third day of valentine’s week celebrated on 9 February. After she accepts the proposal, the next day is celebrated by showering some love by giving cute heart shape chocolates.

Teddy Day 2019: after the sweetest chocolate day, their comes teddy day which is the fourth day of valentine’s week which falls on 10 February. The reason this day is celebrated as one of them express their love with a cute teddy.

Promise Day 2019: Promise day follows on 11 February as it is the fifth day of the V. Week and on this day the couples commits their love to each other. Guys promises to be forever together in the form of promise.

Hug Day 2019: after promising, then comes hug day which is the sixth day of Valentine week 12 February. As the name itself describes, the couples have to tightly hug each other.

Kiss Day 2019: here comes the kiss day on 13 February which is seventh day of valentine week and it seems that this day the best day as you can ask for your first kiss, if you just propose her.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019: at last the BIG day arrives on 14 February. It is the best most special day for all the lovers, couples and partners as Valentine Day offers each and every one to express their true form of love to someone special.

After showering love for a whole week then comes the main part to those who do not believe in love or the people who make fun of valentines day mostly single’s people and are anti of love or those who don’t have any one as their valentine, the followed week is famous as anti Valentine week or funny valentines days name.

Funny / Anti Valentine Week

Anti Valentine’s week Day Date Anti Valentine’s day Week list 2019 Days of Anti Valentine
15th Feb 2019 Slap Day Friday
16th Feb 2019 Kick Day Saturday
17th Feb 2019 Perfume Day Sunday
18th Feb 2019 Flirting Day Monday
19th Feb 2019 Confession Day Tuesday
20th Feb 2019 Missing Day Wednesday
21st Feb 2019 Break Up Friday

The anti-valentine week or 7 Days After Valentines day have slap day on 15th February, kick day on 16th February, perfume day on 17th February, flirting day on 18th February, confession day on 19th February, missing day on 20th February and at last break up on 21st February.

Ending this beautiful article with an amazing saying that “never wait for the perfect time to tell someone that you love them, cause time never waits for anyone, do it right now.” So let this Valentine’s Day help you to share your deep feelings you have for that one person with whom who think you can’t live without. Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 in advance and hopes that everyone finds their true soul mate! For more updates, stay connected!


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