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5 Steps to Accomplish Your New Year Resolutions of 2019

New Year is the time when everyone recommends summarizing what you have done in a year and beginning building new plans. This is a great start of your better life. Maybe, every December you forget about your previous cravings, so every year this writing simply turns into a list of missed opportunities. So this tradition continues roaming from year to year. This article consists of five steps that will definitely help you accomplish everything that you have planned. Before you begin the next oath, ask yourself these questions, and your new promises will not be in vain.

Accomplish Your New Year Resolutions
Accomplish Your New Year Resolutions

Estimate Your Last Year

It is impossible to evaluate losses without carrying out the audit. A retrospective may help you make useful conclusions and generalizations, so before you start new absurd mistakes, ask yourself the following questions:

– What important things I found out throughout this year?

You are a smart person – that is for sure – which means you are probably making some conclusions. Understand what kind of profit you got from this year, and be glad that this time was not spent in vain. On contrary, it was rather productive and successful compared to a previous year.

– Is there a business that makes my life meaningful? How much time did I spend doing it?

There are numerous trainings and seminars that help you estimate how meaningful your life is. Now remember what kind of activity helps you to realize that life is not bad at all. How much time do you spend on it? Maybe your priorities are wrong, maybe you are moving in the right direction, so everyone should congratulate you on that!

– What business did I postpone, but would like to spend more on this?

Stop postponing your affairs for later, seriously, it is a problem of modern people, and the issue is getting progressively harder. The time is inexorable, and the Grim Reaper will not wait around the corner until you finally gather to jump with a parachute or get a guitar from the pantry to remember how to use it. Understand that there will never be a suitable moment. It does not exist in nature; lazy people and procrastinators invented it.

– What did I do wrong? Do you know how to proceed it for now?

It’s no use crying over spilt milk, but seriously, try it! Sometimes we understand that we messed up in something, but we continue to say that it was impossible to do otherwise. Remember these situations; decide what you would do to them now. This will add ready-made templates to your experience, for surely you will still encounter similar problems.

– Confess whom you have not confessed to

People do the most stupid mistakes, especially when it comes to love and feelings. We all are so afraid to lose the chance, to the point we do not dare to use it at all! There is no “lates” when it comes to expressing your feelings. If you haven’t found your better half yet, search her on Next year, tell your beloved people everything you wanted to tell previously before it will be impossible!

The results are not given in order to cry about the missed opportunities. Find out which part of your life you want to give more space in the New Year, and consider things you should do much less.

Look into the Present

So you have rummaged in the past, now it is time to understand what you came to and how you feel now. For objectivity, the view from the outside will not hurt, but it is not worth running around people with the questionnaire. Talk sincerely with your best friend over a bottle of beer. And ask yourself:

– How do I interact with others?

People always advise to mute public opinion, and today is no exception. However, sometimes understanding how you look in the eyes of others helps you perceive yourself from the outside. Try to find out what kind of opinion people have about you, how you influence them. You form your own environment, but now this is a mutual process.

– What brought me to where I am now?

If you are unhappy, then understand what has contributed to such life. If you are happy – find out how this has been achieved. Even if luck was truly gracious to you this year, you managed to use all the chances correctly.

Find Something that Inspires You

Even if you are the most boring and lazy person, there is something that makes you cheer up and feel the urge to accomplish things. Life is prosaic, we often have to hide our creative abilities and interests, and this is exactly what makes us generic. As people say, do what you love, otherwise you will have to fall in love with what you are doing. Get out your true desires; admit them, and only then you will be able to figure out how to make practical use of the most impractical things. Ask yourself these questions to find a true inspiration:

– What would you do if you had the opportunity to fully discover your talents?

– What would you like to create?

– Is there something that you feel worthy for, but you are afraid to do it?

– What inner voice needs to be heard inside you?

Free Your Way

So, we decided how to find an inspiration. It remains to understand how to let it into the reality filled with everyday problems. For this, ask yourself:

– What do you need to leave so that you can realize your potential?

– What things can you say no to?

Maybe you will not allow yourself to stop working, but there are some less important things, that can lead you to your dream.

– What promises are irrelevant for this year?

Stop dragging some desires from year to year, probably some of them are already outdated, but you continue to automatically reload them.

Set the Direction of Your Life

When you have learned your real desires, ask yourself, what can you do to live as you would like? Benjamin Franklin suggested starting the day with the question: “What can I do today?”, And finish: “What did I do today?”. Maybe it helped Mr. Franklin to give birth to such an interesting life. No one knows. Try to remember your intentions, fix them. Turn them into goal-setting, rather than momentary impulses. Awareness of your needs and desires will help you make a real plan for the next year 2019 and finally fulfill them.